What Your Google Reseller Might Not Want To Tell You

Google Partners’ Best Kept Secrets

Google Apps for Work, now known as G Suite is used by more than five million businesses across the globe. Organizations are moving to cloud based services because it ensures scalability and reliability. Investing on expensive IT infrastructure and manpower is becoming a thing of the past, since the cloud is the answer to meeting business goals and enhancing team productivity.

G Suite takes on the onus of bringing your organization to a whole new level of visibility and competence. Whether it is MDM (Mobile Device Management) or moving your servers to the cloud, a certified and exclusive reseller will help you get there!

Partnering with a Google reseller brings along value-added advantages and assured technical support. Right from the deployment stage to migration, the reseller will ensure that all aspects are taken care of efficiently and professionally. Organizations can also be privy to insider information which only a Google reseller would be aware of.

G Suite is an open source solution which you can download and deploy, but getting a reseller do it for you has many advantages.

No Additional Costs for G Suite Setup  

A reseller’s role is essential when you’re not adequately staffed with a dedicated IT department. While anyone can go to Gmail and sign up with a credit card, a Google Partner handles training, migration of data and customer support efficiently. These services are at most times under-estimated in terms of time and knowledge requirement. This is where a lot of D-I-Y business owners falter and get disenchanted with the G Suite. Besides, a reseller will do the setup for you at no additional cost. All you have to do is just ask!

Training Sessions

There are a lot of YouTube videos and others available online, but the lack of systematic structured training may cause business owners to spend inordinate amount of time learning about the product. A Google reseller will provide the required training and helpdesk support when you hire them. A lot of business owners try to rely on Google for support but this can prove to be frustrating when you need quick answers to an immediate issue!

A Google reseller ensures (or should at least) that you have a dedicated number to call with a dedicated person to answer all queries regarding the product.

Change Management

A proficient reseller will handle change management in an astute manner to assure that your organization’s everyday tasks remain unaffected when the change occurs. Gathering essential details and usage statistics is the first step before helping your employees migrate from legacy products to G Suite services. A Google reseller’s role is indispensable for providing your staff the training they need as acclimatization to a cloud environment will change the way they work.

Customization of your G Suite Experience

Though G Suite is a world-class product and built to cater to every need, let’s remember that it is a generic product. You may require some basic changes to the way the product works, like notifications, auto-deletion/archiving, multiple address books, specific rule-based structure for dealing with specific mails etc. This customization may come at a cost but it’s something your reseller provides you as a value- added service. All resellers may not have this ability to customize and that is something a client should definitely consider.

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