G Suite Or Office Exchange (In-house)

A Comparison
Maybe your business has outgrown its server and you are contemplating a replacement, or perhaps your server is outdated and does not support your business

Do I Need a G Suite Partner to Move to Google?

How does a G Suite Partner help you in moving to Google?
Once the decision to move to Google Apps for Business has been made, the next step is on the migration process. The typical questions that

How I Removed Microsoft From My Life

Moving from Microsoft to Google
I’m going to tell you about how I removed Microsoft from my life, my experience with the G Suite applications and then show you how

5 Reasons Why Going Cloud Is Your Best Bet

Advantages of Cloud over Legacy Software
What is Cloud computing? Cloud computing works just like your PC at home or office, but the big difference is that it is powered by

Google Controls My Data?

What Really Happens to Your Data When You Subscribe to Google Services?
With the digital age, everyone assumes that all data is transparent and hence, we are being compromised on our privacy and confidentiality. But when you

Why Choose Google Mail over Outlook

Advantages & Features
Outlook has been used for the bigger part of a decade. It has its advantages and the way I see it – It’s main advantage